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Hi Carl

Just received the jacket and I'm genuinely delighted.

The quality and fit are superb; far better than anything I've seen from the likes of Barbour and Belstaff.  My wife and I have been over the jacket in some detail now as we were both very taken with the first impressions and neither of us can find a single cause for concern nor complaint.

Equally, the speed of your response to all my emails was outstanding and the turn around time, from my placing the order to delivery, was exceptional.

Many thanks indeed - Rupert

Hi Carl,

just got the jacket. It’s absolutely fantastic, actually the best one I ever had in 45 years spent on a motorbike - and from Barbour to
Belstaff and pro-race ones like Dainese and so on, I had quite a lot indeed!

You did a perfect job, thank you so much!!!



My jacket arrived last Friday, the same day you dispatched it. I've been away with work, so have only just seen it. It is superb. The fit,
quality and attention to detail are stunning. Definitely worth the wait; I'm not surprised in the slightest you have a waiting list. Great
jacket, great service.
Cheers mate,


Hi Carl,

Just a quick note to say that my jacket arrived today and it is better than I expected. I m delighted with it. Your jackets are far better
than the branded fashion items on sale today.

I will be singing praises on the various fora that I m a member of.

Kind regards


Brilliant. Quality is superb, faultless. I have a made to measure Aero leather jacket and I reckon your stitching is better. Really
impressed with your workmanship. Not so sure about my measuring but I think it will settle in ok…Showed it to my brother who has a
proper Mojave and he was well pissed off as yours is obviously better made (and made in England not Italy.) Told everyone I know to
order one before you get too successful and the prices go through the roof. Can’t understand why the waiting list isn’t 6 months not 6
weeks. Thanks for the nicest thing I’ve bought for ages


Hi Carl

Just a wee line to let you know I have my jacket, the lass across the road was too busy with motherhood to hand it over, bless!

I must say mate really top job almost too good to get dirty, the fit is spot on.

I have a Belstaff Road Master although nice! IT DON'T COMPARE to YOUR workmanship !! I well chuffed ;-))

Even the wife is asking about a jacket and the colours you do, I'll keep you posted.

Best Regards


Hi Carl,

              Got the jacket yesterday; good things are worth waiting for!! Fits like a glove & the quality & workmanship are outstanding.
The moleskin certainly gives a luxury finish. Thanks for the extra pocket on the sleeve.

It is great in this era of cheap imports, where brand names are traded as commodities & give no guarantee of quality, that a bespoke,
made to measure item such as yours can be produced for a fairly modest price.

I'm absolutely delighted & I am sure I have friends  who will want to place orders



Two Emails From Alison Mitchell, Film City. Outpost Black Sun Movie Jacket Made for Richard Coyle

Hi Carl,

Received the jacket today and only word for it is - gorgeous! - thank you so much.

Really, really beautifully crafted.  We tried on my colleague Andrew and oohed and aahed over the shape, detail and quality of finish -
absolutely LOVE the slanted pockets you've put inside.

Totally thrilled - now just need to try on the actor!!! - but that will be on Monday in Scotland, which I fear is too late to get 2nd jacket
ready by end of week (leaving enough time for aging and breaking down)

So I'm going to go out on a limb and say - go ahead and make the 2nd jacket just the same as this.

I'm confident it's going to work and everyone will love it.


A x

Ali Mitchell
Costume Design
Outpost: Black Sun

Dear Carl,

Please do not print or publish these pictures - as they are not approved - only from our fitting today.

Just thought you'd enjoy seeing how totally awesome your jacket looks.
And regarding fit - considering we didn't have Richard's measures and just looked at photos - we've done pretty well!

Really, really thrilled and so was he - will try to get you better (approved) photos by end of shoot.

Thank you so much for being so supportive and up for this - I hope we can drum you up lots of business.

all best, Ali x

Hi Carl, I received the jacket today..I 've got to say it is absolutely the bollocks!
The quality of the work is beyond what I expected.I am really really pleased.
My missus is very impressed which is saying something, she normally thinks my clothes are crap!
says she might try to get some made up for the costume dept on emmerdale where she works?..interested?...gav
“ Motorcycle traveller Derek Mansfield - author of the critically acclaimed Notes from the Road Vol IV - He’s worn his Claymore jacket on some epic journeys throughout the Balkans, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Iran & Iraq. Back in 2012 he wanted something different to the standard brands off the peg jackets and ordered a custom built Roadmeister in red. 25,000 kilometres later, having ridden some of the worst roads on the planet through snow, howling gales, stomach clenching dust storms and desert heat his Claymore has aged beautifully. Despite many offs, the Claymore has stood up to more abuse than any expert testing could give. Now, in 2016, although it’s had several washes & waxes it remains fully waterproof and the zips, pockets and moleskin lining are completely intact. “

As Derek said, “Why buy a mundane major brand offering when you can have something, uniquely styled and proven to work in the real world”
Claymore Jackets